Applet that changes "Governor setting"

Hi guys,
After playing around with Ubuntu Budgie, I decided to re-install it properly as my daily drive.
Everything went fine but…

I think that before I reinstalled Ubuntu Budgie I had an applet that allowed me to change the governor setting so I could set it “performance” instead of “Powersave”.

After re-installing Budgie, even if I activate all applets, I can’t seem to find that anymore :frowning:

Anyone knows if I can get it back and if so, how I can do it ?

I must say that maybe that was an applet used in Manjaro Budgie :frowning: Sorry…


That was a budgie applet on Manjaro?

I am not familiar with it but if you can find out more details and where the manjaro source for it is then i am very willing to package it up for easy installation.

Maybe you were thinking about indicator-cpufreq which is Installable from the standard repositories?

Well, I must say that I can’t remember if that was in Manjaro Budgie or if that was in Ubuntu Budgie.
I am however under the impression that it was in Ubuntu Budgie…
It looked like the Caffeine applet, or the Network indicator.
I installed the indicator-cpufreq… I’ll see if that is that one.



Found it. I had to add the “App indicator” Applet to my Menu bar… A smal icon shows up that allows me to choose “Performance” instead of “Powersave”.

Cool :slight_smile: