Where is GUI to change graphics from NVIDIA to Intel?

In Mate there is a drop down menu from applets to change the graphics from NVIDIA to INTEL. Is there such a think in Budgie?

That is called mate-optimus which is a default appindicator that we ship.

You need to have the appindicator applet running on your panel for it to appear.

If you have done a minimal install then install the mate-optimus package.

I have a full install of mate and I just installed the budgie desktop. How do I know if I have that optimus installed?

As I mentioned, check that you have the package installed


sudo apt install mate-optimus

I installed but nothing like that shows up anywhere. I looked at desktop applet configurations and adding applet, but there is nothing like mate-optimus.

As I mentioned previously - look at budgie desktop settings - panel - check that the applet “appindicator applet” is on your panel - if not add it.

mate-optimus is an appindicator - it is not a budgie applet. App indicators appear in the appindicator applet automatically.

I added appindicataor applet and what it gives me is a bell symbol beside the top of the screen. If I click on the bell, it just tells me there are no notifications. Nothing about changing graphics.

run mate-optimus-applet from a terminal - what is the output?

Command ‘run’ not found, did you mean:
command ‘rue’ from snap darkdimension-rue (0.0.8)
command ‘srun’ from snap slurm (20.02.1)
command ‘srun’ from deb slurm-client (20.11.7-1)
command ‘runq’ from deb exim4-daemon-heavy (4.94.2-2ubuntu1)
command ‘runq’ from deb exim4-daemon-light (4.94.2-2ubuntu1)
command ‘runq’ from deb sendmail-bin (8.15.2-22ubuntu1)
command ‘grun’ from deb grun (0.9.3-2)
command ‘crun’ from deb crun (0.17+dfsg-1)
command ‘runc’ from deb runc (1.0.0~rc95-0ubuntu1)
command ‘zun’ from deb python3-zunclient (4.2.0-0ubuntu1)
command ‘rn’ from deb trn4 (4.0-test77-13)
command ‘rup’ from deb rstat-client (4.0.1-10)
command ‘zrun’ from deb moreutils (0.65-1)
See 'snap info ’ for additional versions.

umm no - just type into a terminal:


mate-optimus-applet: launched.

  • nvidia-settings and prime-select detected.
  • prime-supported: Yes
    mate-optimus-applet: NVIDIA Optimus supported.
    Checking: intel
  • intel loaded: Yes
  • prime-supported: Yes
  • nvidia-detector: Skipped
  • prime-select: intel detected.
  • intel: is supported
    Checking: nvidia
  • nvidia loaded: n/a
  • prime-supported: Yes
  • nvidia-detector: nvidia-driver-495
  • prime-select: nvidia detected.
  • nvidia: is supported
    Checking: on-demand
  • on-demand loaded: n/a
  • prime-supported: Yes
  • nvidia-detector: nvidia-driver-495
  • prime-select: on-demand detected.
  • on-demand: is supported
  • nvidia-settings and prime-select detected.

you have logged out and logged in again?

Note - this all works just fine if you have installed Ubuntu Budgie itself. I haven’t tested budgie-desktop ontop of Mate - so I don’t know if there is a compatibility/clash issue between Mate and Budgie in this area.

Yes, I have logged out and in. It could be a compatibility issue. This is not the only thing I have noticed. I really like the way the plank works in budgie and some of the other features, but I can use Mate as well.

Its worth checking a brand new user and logging into budgie (and only with budgie) with that new account.