Automate panel customizations

I’m hoping someone can point me in the right direction on scripting the customization of budgie-panel. Basically, I’m trying position it on the bottom, remove the time, and add the ‘Icon task list’ applet. Doing this via the GUI is easy enough, but I want to include it in an initialization script I use.

Is it best to edit /usr/share/budgie-desktop/panel.ini or provide my settings via dconf? Is there anyone else that has done this that would be willing to share their procedures?

put your panel.ini in a new folder /etc/budgie-desktop and then reset your panel to use your version

nohup budgie-panel --reset --replace &

Suggested panel.ini is the contents of this file which is a layout option in 20.04

That works great! Thanks for your quick reply.

If I wanted to enable dark theme as well, can that be added to the ini file, or should I toggle that with gsettings?

that will need to be a gsettings change

Sounds like I won’t have to customize when I migrate to 20.04. Thanks again, and keep up the great work!