AppMenu : shutdown might be triggered unintentionnally


budgie-appmenu-applet 0.7.3+dfsg1-2

If you try to browse with arrow key :

Another press on ↓ will then lead into the app’s, as expected.

I expect arrow keys to only interact « between » input search box and list of app’s,
not with power strip.

Note : I noticed that problem with ↓ arrow only those days, not sure it always has been there.
For some weeks I am « connected » to maybe a colateral damage ?

Absolutely unrelated but here I don’t know what is the expected style : while choosing « category » mode in AppMenu, there are no spacing between categories - this looks a bit weird to me but maybe
⋅ it’s expected style ?
⋅ it’s related to the gtk-theme I use ( adpata nokto deeporange ) ?

yeah - theme related. Pocillo and Qogir works just fine. The PPA version does tighten up the spacing - but adapta just looks odd how its handling lists.