Arc and QogirBudgie themes are styled differently, on websites using system look & feel

I’m using arc theme (Darker variant), and I noticed that the theme used in desktop and websites, differs. I don’t know if this is normal:

Normal (Desktop)
Screenshot from 2021-03-08 14-11-21

Website (System lnf)
Screenshot from 2021-03-08 14-13-13

It may sound little stupid, but I think it’s theming problem because that doesn’t occurs with Pocillo. And I don’t see the strange ugly gnome default style hanging around, even on apps (I’ve used) using system lnf.

Strangely QogirBudgie also has the very same issue.

I think that websites (Which used the default system lnf) are using the default gnome look and feel slightly.

Qogir issues should be raised here: GitHub - vinceliuice/Qogir-theme: Qogir is a flat Design theme for GTK
Arc issues should be raised here: GitHub - jnsh/arc-theme: A flat theme with transparent elements (actively maintained fork)

When dealing with upstreams - make sure you are using the latest version from their repository - not the distro supplied version.

BTW, Isn’t arc theme mainly maintained by Mint team?

I think it’s really difficult to deal with these kind of issues, because the distro based ones can bring many focused improvements than upstream.

No - arc has now a dedicated maintainer. Mint forked arc to created mint-x/y

Distros when dealing with themes most often just ship upstream releases - possibly with fixes that were released upstream post a release.