Poll: QogirBudgie - Blue or Orange

Lots of feedback this 20.04 cycle with regards to the theme QogirBudgie.

The focus highlight colour is Orange - this is because we are shipping with the upstream authors “Ubuntu” colour. This is different than in 19.10 - there was no “Ubuntu” colour in 19.10 - the only colour was blue.

So - easy poll for 20.10 - should the highlight colour be Blue or Orange


  • Orange
  • Blue

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Orange. Obviously.

Blue is cold and common and boring.

Orange is warm and distinctive and highlighting.


I totally agree but we need more votes :sweat_smile: it’s about focus. Orange is a true focus colour. Blue is good as part of a theme (like black in this example) but with Orange for focus.

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I’m so tired of these themes with blue selection/highlight colors. I got rid of Arc for that exact reason. And tweaked Manjaro Matcha theme so as to get rid of all blue.

Also, black and (dark) blue don’t mix very well together as a general rule (at least for clothing).

Please stop with that blue everywhere already.

Voted Orange.


Dont you think that I would have been great if the application could have specified the primary hue and the secondary hue ?
And then according to that hue the whole application ( and maybe even the logo ) would be themed .

I know this question is much more aimed at Gtk ( and even Qt ) more than the theme.

TL;DR My vote goes for orange. But if orange has been chosen so then I will amazing to have some wallpapers which match orange, as most of them right now are pink/purple/blue

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If we are not looking at the theme overall, then I think we need to stick with blue. It matches pretty much everything else. If we wanted to use orange, then I think we need to look at the theme as a whole. Just to make sure that we maintain that tight feel.

Edit I actually do not prefer one over the other, I just think that everything needs to work together everywhere within the distro.


Thanks to all that voted and for the constructive views expressed.

The community has spoken. A revised QogirBudgie has been uploaded to 20.10 with the poll results choice.