Can the focus highlight color be changed?

I am playing with 20.04 now and I am wondering if the focus highlight color can be changed from orange to other colors? I’m referencing the highlight color like the tab in focus in firefox, or what I have clicked on in the file manager, etc…

I poked around a little bit and figured I would probably find out quicker just asking instead, lol.

This is the upstream Qogir theme

You can build the theme yourself as per the Readme

We ship with the Ubuntu colour but you could try the default or manjaro colour variants

I gotcha. I couldn’t remember where some of this came from and I was indeed using QogirBudgie-Dark theme in 19.10 and that is still set since upgrading to 20.04

I will look into it and see about tweaking on the color. I “think” it was blue before. I don’t mind the orange really and would have zero thought of changing it except my laptop is red.