Preferences for Document Viewer?

since upgrading yesterday to Budgie Desktop 10.6.1 i have solved many small issues but still have a problem with Document Viewer - the frame & tools are all with black background & i cannot find anywhere how to change this.
when i first restarted after the upgrade, all my applications, desktop etc seemed to be in night mode & after trying various different themes & finally changing the Widgets setting in the Desktop Settings to “High Contrast” i’ve managed to get the top panel and all other applications back to a light colour. only Document Viewer is still black. there must be a way to change it but i’m going nuts trying to find it!

Did you change to prefer-light for the dconf color-scheme key?

no i don’t think so - where is that?

use dconf-editor and navigate to org.gnome.desktop.interface.color-scheme

sudo apt install dconf-editor

thank you! that worked :slight_smile: