New face to Ubuntu Budgie?

We love our default desktop wallpaper - it has been at the heart of UB since the beginning of our budgie-remix days.


But we know there are great artists out there - do you fancy designing a new wallpaper? Maybe a similar abstract & colors - flare type concepts?

Go on - get your artistic hats on!


Is abstract a must? You may cut down submissions if that is the only option. Just a thought. Maybe accept more options and potentially let the community vote?

Abstract is probably the best - but easily persuaded … but it needs to be great!

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Yeah - I guess it is all a matter of opinion. :slight_smile: I just more so meant for the submissions - and getting a greater volume of people submitting stuff.

If it is that it must be abstract, would you like the same colors, new colors, a color scheme maybe? Any kind of direction in the color depqrtment will help a lot.

I think David might be looking for more of the same to stick to a “familiar” branding.

KDE Plasma is a great example of the branding. Their wallpapers for each major version clearly evolve and have different design, but with enough callbacks to prior versions and themes so that it’s instantly recognizable as KDE.

If I may add. The new wallpaper might want to reflect what Budgie is and how it distances itself from the Gnome desktop. Compile a bunch of descriptors, like; intuitive, minimal, beautiful, airy.

Think of concepts that illustrate this, examples; busy road leading to a clear path. A more abstract example; cloudy to clear, misty to illuminous, heavy to light.

Anyway, maybe that thought process might help someone.

Here on Github I have just created some Wallpapers with 4K resolution :slight_smile: Let me know about any ideas…
Thank you.


Absolutely stunning all three - 1 & 3 are brilliant in my eyes :heart_eyes:

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Thank you …!! :smile:

Wow, really nice! While I too like 1 and 3 most, 2 is nice and different enough that all 3 could be included. Perhaps all 3 could benefit from a touch more bluish-blue.

Still love the current original.

I was skulking around Google images, and this image/lockscreen change made is actually quite nice and the colors work. Is this official or something the site found on its own?:

That is found all over the internet

Hi. I’m Chamos. I’m new to UB so I hope my opinion doesn’t step on anyone’s toes.

Sparkly wallpaper is not my cup of tea. I much prefer the type of wallpaper with an embedded logo. This is probably not the correct terminology so here is an example.

I can download pretty wallpapers anywhere but, IMHO, unique distro specific wallpapers project a greater professional image.

Remember - that goes against the ethos of Ubuntu and its flavours. Generally we all work as one team - and one part of the team (budgie wallpapers) should work nicely on another part of the team (e.g. xubuntu). So we discourage logos.

There is no harm though on having a ‘face’ where the colours and style represent a distro - and that’s what we are interested here in finding - a revised face to give a refreshed image.

Ah I wasn’t aware of that. I’m not sure about what you mean by “face”. Do you mean a pattern that can be recognised in each wallpaper?

face is the bit that is most recognisable about a distro. So our current wallpaper is something we use to promote ourselves. Magazines/blogs pick up on this and our image spreads.

So here we are looking for basically a continuation - something that just feels that it represents ourselves - colours, styling etc.

Hello, Just created another Wallpaper here Galaxy Ubuntu Budgie Wallpaper check it out.! :smile:

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Very nice wallpaper! The Ubuntu Budgie default wallpaper is very nice, also. It’s a perfect fit and it’s hard to beat perfection. In fact, Ubuntu Budgie is the only distribution I currently use that I’ve left the default wallpaper in place. I use a few other distributions regularly and have changed the wallpapers on all but Budgie. The galaxy wallpaper fits nicely and keeps the feel of the original intact. It would be a welcome alternative to choose from.