Balena Etcher won't launch after install of DEB file or 64 Bit AppImage on Ubuntu Impish Indri (development branch)

Anyone else tried this app on the latest Impish?

Thanks for your time!

It is likely etcher will need to adapt to the latest changes on impish.

Please report the issue to the etcher devs to let them know of a potential issue on release of 21.10.

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Ok thanks for the info. DEB won’t launch at all regardless of permissions. If I open the downloads folder in root , the balena Etcher AppImage works fine. I’ll report it. Thanks again.

mkusb is an alternative (to Balena Etcher and the Ubuntu Startup Disk Creator). It works in and with all current versions of Ubuntu and the Ubuntu community flavours including the development version (now Impish Indri). Early in the development cycle I try to make the PPA work for the next version. See this link, Packages in “MKUSB PPA” : MKUSB PPA : “MKUSB” team.

I use the in-built Disks (aka gnome-disks) to create bootable USBs from ISO’s & raspberry pi compressed images. So no need for external tools.

Yes you are right, in most cases cloning is enough, and Disks (aka gnome-disks) and the Ubuntu Startup Disk Creator are built-in and convenient to use. But there are other features in mkusb for example to make persistent live drives, installer drives for Windows and restore a USB pendrive to a standard storage device.

An advantage with Balena Etcher is that it is easy to use and cross-platform (works in Windows, and I think in MacOS too).

Yes, I can confirm that. I used Balena Etcher under macOS to quickly and easily create a bootable USB of an Ubuntu Budgie ISO for installation on my ASUS laptop.