Start up disc creator

Hi everybody,
I am a noob here so please be gentle. I am trialling budgie but can’t seem to see that there is a utility for making a bootable usb/disc in the software. Likewise I have had no luck trying to find these in the software shop. I do find them but it gives me errors in the downloading.

Am I missing the presence of a tool that is already there?

Thanks for any help.

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Search for Disks in the menu - this will launch gnome-disks

Plugin in your USB device. You’ll see it appear. Click on it. Then choose the option “restore image” and select the ISO you want to restore to the USB device.


Got it. It didn’t jump out at me initially. Thanks for the quick reply! Much appreciated.

MS Windows:

CD Creator
Linux :
apt install brasero

or the

USB Creator
apt install usb-creator-gtk <-- for Unity, xfce, GNOME3 LXDE
apt install usb-creator-kde <-- fpr KDE

Thank you very much for taking the time to reply. I’ll check
this out.