Battery status inaccurate

My battery keeps staying at 94%… It does not show that my battery is charging even when I plug in the adapter.

^^ This is when plugged in…

Are you sure that your battery is ok?

I have had batteries in the past that have shown less than 100% … its pretty standard when laptop batteries start to wear out.

Yep, it’s completely fine. This laptop is quite new and I just switched from Windows 10, the indicator was working fine in Windows

^ AC Adapter online but battery not showing as charging in settings or power statistics ^

Did an upgrade of my Thinkpad T510 from 20.10 to 21.04. Upgrade went fine. However, the battery indicator on the top panel can display wrong information.

Was using the laptop on battery and it was down to 40%. I closed the lid and plugged it in.
Next day I opened the lid and the battery indicator showed 40% on the AC. the indicator did not have the charging icon. tlp-stat

Charge = 99.9 [%]
Capacity = 92.6 [%]
Booted the system and then the battery indicator was correct.

Yes, additional testing confirms that the battery applet? no longer functions correctly after putting laptop into sleep (via budgie menu) and then coming out of sleep.

I also tested with dual battery Thinkpad running 20.04. Only one battery shows being on AC while the other does not. Seems to come out of sleep correctly and reflect AC vs battery

It isnt the applet itself. I have been running 21.04 since early Feb and all is well including suspension resume.

The applet uses Upower to respond to battery events. So whatever is feeding Upower isnt being updated after a resume.

Guessing a kernel issue.