Better support of programming languages

I would like if this fantastic distro had a better support for the installation of programming languages.
Ruby for example and its tools (RVM, Bundler and gems) have many problems accessing the folder and allowing users. I do not want to switch to Fedora. There are some tutorials on the internet but they are always outdated. is frustrating.

Hi and welcome,

this is kind of a difficult one because development is so diverse.

It really is a question of what is the language/what are you trying to achieve/ what platform to develop on?/ target platform(s)?/ cutting edge? etc etc.

The responses will obviously determine the answer you are seeking.

So really not sure what “better support for the installation of programming languages” could in reality be implemented into something meaningful. Thoughts?

E.g. Ruby stuff here - I suppose could be scripted … but then the instructions and the script will/could change for later versions of UB. So how do we keep up-to-date? Combinations could be huge and complex.