Boot Screen Animation and Grub Parameters

Hi everyone. Since i changed grub background(& i remove “quite splash” and then added again but it hasn’t worked), the boot loading screen has gone disappear. I wan it show the Ubuntu Budgie logo instead of blank screen. How can i do? Thanks for reading.
Below is what i want

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I am having the same problem. I am using nvidia card and intel processor.

Can you tell us content of your grub file?

To access it sudo nano /etc/default/grub and then copy paste it.

i was previously using elementary os and now i am back to elementary os. I think it not about the os, it is about the mogherboard. I am using gigbyte h110m-s2ph motheboard. If i boot in uefi mode then the mogherboard logo will show. but if i use the legacy mode then the boot logo will show. Because uefi boot is fater than bios legacy mode i will use this.