New Ubuntu Budgie 20.04 install with disappearing Grub (Solved)

The title basically says it all. Ubuntu Budgie 20.04 minimal install. Very irritating, hoping there is a solution. Dell Vostro 3350 laptop.

Are you dual booting with any other linux distros? Maybe their updates are also updating the same grub?

Only using Ubuntu Budgie on the laptop. The menu background is there, but the menu entries are not visible.

Can you please attach a picture to enable everyone to see what you are seeing please?

Not much to see, which is the problem.

If you have only one operating system installed then you will not normally see grub … you should be able to see grub if you press and hold the shift key immediately on booting.

Is it possible to set the Grub menu so that it is always visible at boot?

It does look like you can

It’s not something I have done before but reading through that article there are various settings you can use to configure when and how long grub show for.

Thanks for that, but it didn’t work. After searching some more, I came across the following thread:
Commenting out the line doesn’t work. “hidden” needs to be changed to “menu”. A good idea to change the “timeout” line from 0 as well. I used 10. Of course sudo update-grub has to be run after the file is saved.