Budgie 20.04 No Sound in Virtualboxc

I am trying to run Ubuntu Budgie in Virtualbox. I am new to this and can’t find an answer anywhere so I am trying here… As I said I can’t get sound out of Ubuntu budgie. I have tired all the different settings on the Audio Tab in Virtualbox. In full disclosure I have tried two different variations of Ubuntu 20.04 and can’t get sound out of either. I tried searching though the Ubuntu forum but could not find anything to help me. I am hoping someone here will assist. I do know that audio works in Virtualbox. I have a Windows 10 VM that works fine. I also was able to install Guest Additions into Windows, I do not know if sound worked before I installed guest additions or not. I have tired to figure out how to get guest additions in to Ubuntu Budgie but have not had much luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Audio should work out of the box with virtualbox - it certainly always has in my experience.

Thus this smells like a bug in virtualbox audio interaction with your host operating system.

Do make sure you are using the latest virtualbox available from Oracle.

Assuming you are - you should file a bug report with Oracle themselves to resolve. An example of a bug report with the contents you need to include with your report is this: