Graphical Ubuntu Budgie installer is cut off in the right and bottom area


I wanted to install Ubuntu Budgie 21.10 in VirtualBox 6.1 on Linux Mint 20.2.

Unfortunately, a part of the installer is cut off in the right and lower area. The area with the crucial buttons to perform the installation. See screenshot here.

With these problems, the installation of Ubuntu Budgie will be a tedious test of patience.

As my crosspost in the VirtualBox forum revealed, I am not the only user with this problem.

On all ubuntu flavours with virtualbox you need to first set your VM settings to VBoxSVGA to-do the install.

Then once installed - add the guest additions - at that point you can switch the VM settings back to VMSVGA

This is explained here in more detail How to run Ubuntu Desktop on a virtual machine using VirtualBox - Tutorials - Ubuntu Community Hub

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These instructions worked. Thank you.