Infuriating VirtualBox install nonsense

This has been a problem with Ubuntu since forever - when booting in VirtualBox, the installer expects higher resolution than what is available and there is no way around it except trial and error tabbing ahead. There are apparently some minor differences between 20.04 and 21.10 install dialogues, so I just spent ten minutes blind counting tabs to see if I can coax it through. You can forget all about any customization, it’s a battle to just get it to take defaults.

This fails so incredibly hard …

Please report a bug so that the virtualbox maintainer can advise further

In a live session open a terminal

ubuntu-bug virtualbox

Do note though I tend to install ubuntu in virtualbox via the live session.

I first use settings - display to change the resolution.

During the install the resolution sometimes resets so leave the display window open so you can change the resolution again.

New guide here which is now the recommended Ubuntu & Flavours method to install How to run Ubuntu Desktop on a virtual machine using VirtualBox - Tutorials - Ubuntu Community Hub