UB 24.04 going to login loop

Hi Team,

I’ve tried installing UB 24.04 in Virtualbox thrice by now but everytime I login, it goes into login loop and it doesn’t load any top bar or plank. If I right-click or press the ‘Super’ button, it just hangs and display the error message that ‘something went wrong and to logout and try again’. This just keeps repeating.

I’ve attached the error message and the desktop once I login.

I’m using UB 23.10 in the same Virtualbox as my daily driver and it’s really awesome. I’ve not faced a single issue so far.

I really love UB. Please let me know if I need to try or do anything different to resolve this issue.

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Is this a fresh install or an upgrade?

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Make sure you have 128Mb graphics with the 3D acceleration ticked for the display. Hard drive size should be 25Gb or more with 2 vcpu or more.

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Hi @GrindamN

This is a fresh install in the virtualbox

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yeah. I’m using 128Mb display memory with 40GB hard drive space along with 2 cores of the processor.

Also, whenever I open ‘Budgie Desktop Settings’ to add Weather and other applets it gets stuck.

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The 3D host graphics needs to be ticked as well together with using the vmsvga virtualbox graphics controller

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Yes @fossfreedom - They are enabled.

Usually I use VBOXVGA for my virtual machines. My current VM UB23.10 is running fine with VBOXVGA. But for UB24.04, I’m specificially using 4GB RAM, 40GBHDD, VMSVGA with 3D acceleration enabled and 128MB video memory.

But it doesn’t seem to work.

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