VirtualBox on 23.10

I opted to do a fresh install of 23.10 on my computer and I was looking at installing VirtualBox, the latest Ubuntu that it shows as a Linux distro is 22.04, which was the last LTS, would that work for installing it onto 23.10?

Correct. That will.

Remember to use a VM of at least 4Gb, 128Mb virtual graphics and tick the 3D host graphics option. Use 25Gb of diskspace minimum. Use 2 virtual core’s as well

If I’m running an older operating system, I will look to see what the maximum specs are so that I am not going beyond what is maximum to have as good of a virtual experience as possible. For the newer operating systems (Windows 10 & 11), I generally have them with between 8-16GB of memory. I do appreciate you getting back to me to let me know. Has VirtualBox begun to only be focusing on the LTS releases of Ubuntu now as the main versions to optimize for?

That’s something Oracle will have to answer. I’m just aware of what tweaks you need to-do over and above the recommendations Oracle “thinks” Ubuntu requires.

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Sounds good, I appreciate the help. I’m downloading Windows 11 to have on a virtual machine for when I am within Ubuntu.

Do you know how to get virtualization working in VirtualBox for Windows 11? I have the virtualization options checked and I have been able to install the Amazon App Store for the Android apps in Windows 11, but the Windows Subsystem for Android is not loading.