Windows10 Virtual Machine constantly aborting?

I have been using this Distro for about a month and currently satisfies the majority of my needs over other distros I have tried.

However, my Windows10 virtual box session keeps on ‘aborting’, completely closing down.

This started without any physical change to my virtual machine settings, I then tried to allocate more RAM.

This issues is occurring with most sessions now. This is critical as I need this Windows10 virtual machine for my business and it has become unreliable on this ditro.

Any easy fixes, suggestions?

Thanks experts!

Windows 10 in a virtualbox needs 2 virtual CPUs or more and preferably 4 GB RAM allocated to it. You should use 3D Graphics settings in virtualbox - remember to use nvidia proprietary drivers if you are using nvidia graphics.

Switch on the virtualisation extensions in your Bios as well to ensure things run smoothly (both options in Settings - System - Acceleration)

Stay up-to date with your version of Virtualbox - the current 6.x version on Oracles download page

And don’t forget to install the virtualbox guest additions into your Win 10 guest.

Wow that was quick. Thanks
I noticed that apart from the RAM allocation (currently 9) and Bios settings, the other settings weren’t set.

Hopefully that does the trick.

On a different note. Is it possible to share virtualisation over 2 screens? I just saw a setting under virtualbox but not sure how to do it when virtualised? Thanks

Update: still occurring. Aborts out. This has never happened previous to this week.

Back to square one…

Ideas? Thanks

If everything was stable then maybe it’s something that changed in the windows 10 guest itself? An automatic software update?