VirtualBox NS_Error_Failure SessionMachine

When I go to open up a virtual machine in VirtualBox after I have Kernal 5.19 installed on my system, I’m getting the aborted error message that there is the ns_error_failure 0x80004005 error with the component being the sessionmachine. I have even uninstalled and reinstalled VirtualBox while still getting the same issue.

Quick google says you need to run v6.1.36 or later of virtualbox.

What version are you using?

I have v6.1.36 that I got directly from the VirtualBox website

This is what happened when I was in the terminal when trying the solution shown. Doing the USB change down to 1.1 like is shown in the forum below that terminal solution did work though. The even weirder thing is that when I had purged 6.1.34 and opened up the install package for 6.1.36, 6.1.34 reinstalled. I even deleted from Synaptic virtualbox for the complete deletion and after that was done, I could not get the 6.1.36 to open in the Software to install it, when I installed virtualbox again through Synaptic, it just reinstalled 6.1.34. I found a video for updating to the latest, which shows that in the File menu, there is supposed to be a check for update option, but that is not showing.