Budgie ARM tweaktool is suddenly installed (Intel system)

After doing a clean install (21.04) and installing some programs, I did a reboot. Now suddenly Budgie ARM tweaktool is shown after logging in, and in App Menu, “Budgie ARM and Pi Configuration” is available.

I wonder how it got installed.
I installed PiVPN via their install script: https://install.pivpn.io
But the script recognises non-Pi devices. Also I could not budgie-arm-config" (I suppose that is the name) in that script, but maybe it is a dependency.

If it is not installed via PiVPN, I wonder how this happened. Is there a way to figure out how it was installed?

I checked /var/log/syslog but I cannot fined anything when searching for budgie-arm-config and I am not sure what I should search for…

That’s intentional - if you run it the interface is to find other Raspi’s on your network - this is covered in the 21.04 release notes. This one mini app ties together our desktop with our raspi version.

You can simply uninstall the budgie-arm-environment package if you don’t own a raspi.

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Thanks! I was worried I accidentally installed some ARM package instead of AMD64.
I did check the release notes but must have missed it.