Budgie Extras Github

I used GitHub UbuntuBudgie (https://github.com/ubuntubudgie/budgie-extras)
to try and install some extra applets.
I installed all the dependencies (plus meson).
I followed the installation procedure, but when entered:-
meson --buildtype plain --prefix=/usr --libdir=/usr/lib --datadir=/usr/share …
in the terminal I got the following error messages:

'The Meson build system
Version: 0.45.1
Source dir: /home/colin/Downloads/budgie-extras/budgie-clockworks
Build dir: /home/colin/Downloads/budgie-extras/budgie-clockworks/build
Build type: native build

ERROR: First statement must be a call to project’
Am I doing something wrong?

All the applets have been already packaged

Just run budgie applets from the menu and you can install the package you need. Logout and login and add the applet to your panel.

Thanks for the info. Unfortunately the two applets I would particularly like to use, budgie-app-launcher and budgie-trash do not appear to have been packaged yet.

They have been packaged and are currently available in 18.10.

Just need to backport these to 18.04 which will occur in the next week or so

I look forward to installing them. I tried them when they were in the GitHub Budgie ‘experimental’ web site and really liked them.
Thank you for your help.