Budgie fuzzy clock - need testers and feedback

Hi all,

New community developer Adam Dyess submitted an applet for budgie-extras called “fuzzyclock” - our suite of applets and mini apps for all budgie desktop users.

A couple of pictures for you



So this is a quick callout for some feedback for this applet.

As all applets are, it is localised for US-English and I have had a go at localising for GB-English. Other translations need to be done via our transifex website.

Any fixes and improvements - please submit via a pull request on our GitHub repo

To test on all supported Ubuntu Budgie versions:

 sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntubudgie-dev/budgie-extras-daily
 sudo apt upgrade
 sudo apt install budgie-fuzzyclock-applet

logout and login - add the “fuzzy clock” applet to your panel via budgie desktop settings.

Once finished testing:

Remove the applet from your panel BEFORE purging the PPA

sudo ppa-purge ppa:ubuntubudgie-dev/budgie-extras-daily

Hi there,

regarding the translations… It is little challenging to translate it correctly to Hungarian (or other languages) due to a fact that sometimes a language formulates differently than English. Let me demonstrate it for you: Let’s say it is now 08:30 AM. In English one would say half past eight. But in Hungarian you say half nine (Can also be applied to German). If there would be an option in transifex to select a different key (+/- 1 hr) then it would facilitate the translations and would sound more natural in a specific language. Thanks in advance!

Not really sure I understand what you are after here - are you really talking about the translation site - or a +/- 1 hr option within the applet itself?

If the latter please can you give some more examples of how Hungarian / German times change the wording compared to English

e.g. 13:50 - “ten to two” in Hungarian?
13:45 - "quarter to two " in Hungarian?
13.30 - “half to two” in Hungarian? <— so the “+/-” hour option would only affect everything from the half hour to the whole hour (13:30 to 14:00)…. not from the whole hour to the half hour (13:00 to 13.29)?
13:20 - “twenty past one” in Hungarian?
13:15 - “quarter past one” in Hungarian?

I am actually referring here to transifex and not the applet. Your third example showing 13:30 is the best example to take. That part in transifex in English is "half-past ‘1%s’ which makes it “half-past one”. To translate it correctly to Hungarian (or other languages that use similar expressions) it is required to have a secondary %s token, to be able to make a “half to two” in this case.

And this will be also useful for your other examples:

13:15 - would be “a quarter two” in Hungarian (again a secondary %s token with +1 Hr will be a perfect use case)

The other ones are the same in Hungarian/German (or can be translated with the available resources)

This isn’t a transifex issue - its an applet issue. The “1%s” is the applet substituting the current hour for the string. So in the example 13:30 the applet knows the “13” is “one” and therefore the translation string is calculated “half-past one”.

So it sounds like a “Add 1 Hr to the time” option is needed.

The current translation strings in the code are here:

https://github.com/UbuntuBudgie/budgie-extras/blob/master/budgie-fuzzyclock/src/FuzzyClockApplet.vala#L115 to line 154

So we need alternative translation strings to be used if the “Add 1 Hr to the time” option is chosen? If so what should those translation strings be?

So I’ve found 3 opportunities for alternative strings translation.

“quarter after %s”
“almost half-past %s”
“half-past %s”

(For these 3 the %s should be already 1 Hr in advance)

These three would definitely have the advantage in Hungarian. It would be also helpful to have some feedback from other languages to know how they express time in a fuzzy way.

Regarding German, they can say thing exactly like Hungarians but also like in English, it can depend on the area one comes from. I translated for now the German ones just like the English, as it is more commonly used.

@benpiller - fuzzy clock now has the ability to add 1 further hour to translations where necessary.

Hopefully the translation explanation is clear now in transifex