V0.6.6 budgie welcome released - new applets and translations

V0.6.6 of budgie welcome has been released - the snap should autorefresh on your computer over the next few hours.



  1. Catalan translation - enough coverage of the translation is now available. More help is required to complete the translation

  2. New applet: Advance Brightness Controller

  3. New applet: Weather and Forecaster


  1. New applet: Browser Profile Launcher


  1. New applet: Kangaroo


  1. Lots more translation updates ( Many thanks to all our translators :slight_smile: ) - Turkish, German, Malaysian, Persian, Italian, Korean, Lithuanian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese

Can you help with translations into your native language? https://www.transifex.com/ubuntu-budgie/budgie-welcome


Can’t wait to try some of those Applets ! Tks…
Waiting for the update to happen on my Desktop…

Note : I have been trying several distros ( Ubuntu and Debian distros) for a personal project where I talk about technology on the web (in french)… So I had to

  1. Try distros
  2. Use their support / forums / chat or whatever support they have.

UB remain from far, my prefered OS… it is the OS for my main production Desktop ( As for the other distros, I tried several of them during the last few months in Virtual Box for most of them) and UB Community Rock ! Support Rock ! The product itself is very stable and installed like a charm on my 3 stations and on most of my friends station I recommended it to.

Continue your good work !

Let make the computer world a better place " one computer at a time" LOL (yes I am sober…)


My budgie welcome says 0.6.6 but I don’t have the applets in my list. Is it a bug or do I have to do something else?

screenshot? They are definitely very visible here.

Screenshot%20from%202018-06-25%2011%3A46%3A47Screenshot%20from%202018-06-25%2011%3A47%3A44 No Browser Profile Launcher example here.

After installing - remember to restart the panel - or logout and login (see the bold statement at the top of the budgie applets screen)

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My bad, I thought they would be installed automatically, but you have to install them from the Budgie Applets Program. :sweat_smile:

Would it be possible to easily modify it to be able to use it from anywyere on the screen without having to go click on it ? Or may be PRESSING A KEY and clicking anywhere on the desktop ?

Anyway I still like it…

WEATHER APPLET :`And I love the new Weather Applet too, we can easily get a forecast and how it is displayed on the Desktop is SHARP / Clean…

Interesting thought… need to chew on it a bit.


Had to reinstall my station and I have version
ubuntu-budgie-welcome 0.6.4 44 stable/… ubuntubudgie classic

HOw to force the update
tks !

sudo snap refresh ubuntu-budgie-welcome

That should do the trick if you are on 18.04.

Otherwise it will auto update when the snapd schedule runs.

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