Fuzzy clock translations?

Hi all,

I love fuzzy clock! Is so nice, when on job, take a look to pc’s clock and being informed that is “a bit to eleven” (I’m so stressed from evolution’s calendar, google calendar etc …).
But it’s only in english, so how can we help in translating it?


sure sure - would love some help translating.

All our applet translations are on transifex - just join, select your language and then submit your translations


Look out for the hint for a translation such as this

Do note - our cut off date for translations for 19.10 was beginning of September - so any translations submitted after then will not be in 19.10 - but will be in 20.04.

There is also our daily builds which will have the latest translations when we upload them


Thanks! But … ehm … trying to open transifex link, I get a 404 …

odd - you should get a signin or sign-up page

Thanks, already done, even if it has been a little complicated :wink:
I’ve added some translations right now but … how can I do for having fuzzyclock displayed in italian on panel?
Now is

and in fuzzyclock preferences I haven’t see any way for changing language



I’ve pulled your translations into the github project.

The project will build automatically in a few hours time - you can either add the daily PPA or grab the newly built .deb file from that repo and install it.

Next time you login the applet will automatically select your local language

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Thanks! What ppa? I already have deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntubudgie-dev/budgie-extras-daily/ubuntu bionic main in my sources.list (I prefer not to use .list files since about always I forget them and about always apt update gives me duplicates :wink::blush:

BTW, while adding translations I’ve modified an already translated string: before my modification, “a bit” was translated as “un pò” and this is a (common but horrific) mistake, the right translation being "un po’ " (the " ’ " sign is an apostrophe meaning the original word, “poco” has been truncated).

And … I’ve left behind two lines while translating: “Wall Street Control” and “Run Wall Street” because I have no clue about what Wall Street is, besides NY str. and I thintk it doesn’t refer to it :wink:

good good - that’s the correct PPA!

So no worries there - just look out for the updates when they become available.

Wallstreet is a new mini application (keep it a secret (!) - its a 20.04 thing) - a tiny lightweight automatic wallpaper changer. It also will be available in the daily PPA in a week/two weeks time.

The truth is, we are secretely controlling Wall Street for the past few weeks :slight_smile:

if only i’d have been advised … :rofl:

waiting for 20.04 since a couple of months! :laughing:

more seriously: WallStreet Control is WS control center? Just for giving the correct translation

Yep. Control centre is the correct way to think about the translation. I will update the developer hint so that other translators are aware. Thx.

done. 133 on 133. Some of them make me a little doubtful but …

Just a question more: how can I get fuzzyclock translated in my locale? I’ve upgraded it to 0.4.5+201910171546 but it’s still in english …

ah - found the issue - will be in todays build.

Thanks! :heart_eyes:

Last (?) question: is there anyone well knowing modern greek? Sometimes I run a greek UI version of Budgie and it would be nice to have fuzzyclock applet in greek too.

If not, please, tell me how can I do on Transifex for adding a new translation: I’ll ask for help to a athens living friend.


There is a greek translation waiting for budgie-extras but unfortunately no greek translators have taken on the challenge.

Just click the translate button for the greek language to submit translations. Thanks

I can’t promise I’ll provide immediately :wink: : first I must recall in my mind my greek knowledge (and, notice, is ancient, not modern!), then I must contact my friend (I have in Evolution Drafts folder a reply to her last mail since oct. 3, so I’m a bit ashamed) but I ensure that I’ll provide asap (with te accent over “AP” !!!)