Budgie Git to Nightly PPAs

Would it be possible to mirror the Budgie GitHub code directly to a Launchpad PPA to provide bleeding-edge nightly builds?

A “git” package of Budgie is already available on AUR for Arch and Copr for Fedora.

Right now the current Budgie desktop package in Ubuntu is 52 commits behind, including a number of bug fixes.

There is not even an upstream version in Cosmic undergoing any testing.

A nightly PPA should be available so that advanced members of the community can also be testing upstream Budgie for inclusion in stable.

It would also satisfy the wishes of power-users.

Ubuntu Budgie and Solus are together part of the same budgie desktop organisation. We both believe in making software available “when it is ready” - this is the curated software model.

Git is for open and collaborative development. The emphasis here is “development”. We both have been trying (perhaps fruitlessly) to dissuade the use of the Arch Git repos.

Software in the Git repo is there for open collaborative discussion - it is in no way an endorsement that software is ready for end-users.

We have - and continue to see - bug reports from “power users” from Arch who say something is broken. More often or not it is because something has been checked into Git that was there for initial development. Developers and bug triagers spend a fruitless battle trying to get more info from “power users” and the fix is already been checked in - or the initial commit has been reversed. That is valuable time spent on a non-productive analysis.

Please don’t confuse “52 commits behind” from what is actually in either Ubuntu or Debian. More often the curated release contains a number of key patches beyond the published release. This is the situation with 18.04 and Cosmic.

If there is a well of “Power Users” who want to help develop and test then I would encourage users to join either the development teams or the bug triagers. For ubuntu I do make transitory PPA’s available to developers and our testers when there is something significant to develop and test against. This will be the case shortly with the stuff currently in Git.


Thank you for your very detailed and helpful response.

It’s funny you mention chasing bugs from Arch power users. Software Center currently doesn’t launch on AUR budgie-desktop-git but works fine on AUR budgie-desktop. I didn’t file the bug though, glad I didn’t.