Budgie keeps crashing

I have an MSI GS63 Stealth laptop that is running Windows 10 and Zorin OS. I am wanting to replace Zorin with Budgie but every time I boot to the Live USB to install it crashes after a few minutes. I cannot seem to get past the part where I choose the software and drivers, before it asks me how I want to install. I did a test and installed another distro (Elementary OS) over Zorin OS and it worked fine. I would really like to figure out what I am doing wrong. I was able to put it on an old Macbook 2009 just fine. I am using Rufus to create my USB. I have tried both MBR and GPT. I have tried setting my machine to both UEFI and UEFI with CSM. It just does not want to install. Every time it bombs out and asks me to remove my media and hit enter. It also changes my system time to UK time at every install attempt. I have to keep setting my time back to EST.

Nvidia graphics?