Can't Install - Installation stuck after creating partitions

Hi all,
Was trying to dual boot on my hp laptop (I have done dual boot installs with Windows 10 and Ubuntu many times previously on various computers but this is my first time with “Budgie Desktop”)
Specs of my Laptop are AMD Ryzen 5 APU with Built In Radeon Vega 8 Graphics/ 16 GB RAM/ 256GB M.2 Kingston SSD/ 1 TB Toshiba SATA Hard Disk)
My SSD Has Windows 10 Pro Installed
My 1TB is data drive
Here are the steps I did
I updated my laptop BIOS drivers
I created a 140gb empty Partition on my Toshiba Hard Disk
I downloaded “ubuntu-budgie-23.10.1-desktop-amd64” ISO by downloading Torrent.
I checked the hash integrity
I created a bootable USB on a 16GB Brand New PEN DRIVE I bought specifically for this purpose
I created the bootable USB using Balena Etcher to burn the ISO
I booted with the USB and selected first option to boot into Budgie Desktop…
I got bunch of ACPI errors
I also noticed that it gave me error at starting “cups”
But live session booted successfully
I connected to my WIFI
Started “Install Release”
It asked me to set Language. Keyboard layout etc.
Then it came to the screen "where there are options to clean install using entire hard disk or select manual partition
I Selected “Manual Partition” option
I selected the empty 140GB space and created / (40gb), /Home (96gb), SWAP (4gb) - (These are rounded out values I am mentioning)
I selected my primary SSD as the boot device, and a /boot/efi entry was added to my existing efi partition
I clicked “Next” …on thei screen it showed me the changed it was going to make to the partitions and to review if I wanted these changes and to click Next to install Budgie Desktop
I clicked “Next”
Nothing happens… I waited…nothing happened…I checked if Laptop had hanged but I could still open control center and network settings etc from the Live Session so it was fine…
I clicked “Previous” button and immediately the setup went back to previous screen… I clicked “Revert” option and re created partitions this time giving different values…I even tried to select my Hard Disk as boot device …
But on the next screen the installation just gets stuck…Nothing happens no matter how many times i Click the Next button on that screen or how much I wait…
After trying few times by cancelling the installation and then rebooting and starting again…it is getting stuck at that same point every time…so I got frustrated and now have booted in windows and posting this here.
If anyone can help I will be very grateful

Hi and welcome!

Remember in 23.10 this - together with Ubuntu - is using the brand new installer Canonical are developing. I suspect you are running into a test case Canonical hasn’t yet found.

When you get to the stuck part, please tar up the contents of /var/log/installer and report this to launchpad here OpenID transaction in progress

My suggestion then is to use the “good old” legacy ISO - this is the traditional ubiquity based installer Canonical will eventually drop, but its there just for these kinds of issues.


I have managed to solve the problem…
I don’t know if it is the perfect solution but I am writing this reply logged in from Budgie on my laptop.
This time while trying installation I only did 3 things different.

  1. I plugged my Bootable Pendrive into a USB 2.0 port instead of USB 3.0
  2. I did not connect to wi-fi and in the installer selected “skip connecting to internet”
  3. Selected minimal Budgie installation instead of full featured Budgie Desktop

and everything else was done same…installation finished without any issues …and on reboot there was no issue booting into Budgie either…

Thank you for the reply and trying to help.
Much appreciated