Budgie-panel keeps crashing

I’m having the panel crashing issue, too.

I’ve read somewhere, that re-ordering applets, before all of them are installed, can cause issues. So I built my panel again. Some display issues disappeared, the crashing stayed with me. Sometimes it crashes when closing applications, sometimes when switching virtual desktops. Sometimes it doesn’t happen for a few hours, sometimes it happens 4 or 5 times in an hour. Today the panel crashed in a way that’s new: I was left with a blank panel with nothing on it. --replace& and full reboots changed nothing, --reset wasn’t working “because another panel is running”.

This really is a mess. I’ve never liked the look and feel of a desktop more (dark mode, applets, animations, raven), but also never had such a fragile, such a disappointing experience.

If at least you could backup and restore panels, that would make the issue more bearable for me, because my panel-setup takes me 20-30 minutes each time. :frowning:

If I had more time, I’d have switched already, but this is my work machine and I’m a bit worried …

Man … I’m sad.

It’s the same advice as above.

Anyone having issues will have to help us by investigating which applet or applets are causing issues.

Not trying to be a dick, but to me this sounds wrong. It’s like blaming a website for crashing the browser. I feel like applets should run in a container of sorts, that prevents them from taking down the whole panel with them, in case of a crash.

I fully agree with you.

The architecture is as provided by upstream.

It will only change if people step up and solves the issue by a) investigating, b) providing patches to resolve the investigations

Please, let me run commands for you, let me provide logs. Just tell me what’s useful and how to get it. I don’t possess enough linux knowledge to be of help by myself …

The advice is in the post which you quoted

This here is your advice? What do I find out this way? That a specific applet is broken? And how does this relate to the fact that we both think all applets should generally run in a container?

Using a desktop is neither a hobby for me nor do I get paid for it. I know the community must help, but I guess I’m not willing enough to try out things over a longer period that I expect and need to work, for work.


Do any of you perhaps have copyq installed? I’ve found that my budgie-panel on Solus crashes regularly when interacting with copyq.

With some more testing, I narrowed this down to appmenu causing budgie-panel to segfault when doing something in copyq. That’s lead me to find https://github.com/hluk/CopyQ/issues/1201#issuecomment-524272276, so it’s an upstream appmenu issue with separators.

Interesting finding. Certainly sounds like a race condition if the menu is being created/recreated but appmenu was looking at the original menu and trying to copy and create menu items that suddenly has vanished.

Please do look at the upstream appmenu project and raise the issue there. Once resolved let us know and we can get the fix pushed into the 20.04 repo

Will do, thanks! I’m going to wait a little to see if the OP of that issue already reported to appmenu; will otherwise report it myself.