Budgie Panel crashes

How can one debug budgie panel crashes? They happen pretty frequently these days (3-4 times a week).
I don’t restart my laptop for a week or so usually (only on sleep in between). I think the panel starts crashing after a few days of the laptop being on and keeps crashing every few days then on. The panel either restarts by itself or i have to run ‘nohup budgie-panel --restart &’

In the terminal you used to restart the panel any messages displayed when the panel stops? Note you need to keep running the same terminal.

Also … check by a process of elimination what applets you are running.

Around the time of the crashes anything in the systemd log?

journalctl -ae --full
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Thanks for the quick response. I’ll try keeping the terminal open after the command so we can see the output. (I’d close it once i ran the command, never noticed the output that keeps getting written to the terminal).

I use a lot of applets (customisablity is one of the things I love about budgie). Eliminating applets is a difficult task kinda (waiting for crash to happen which may take several days and repeating several times to nail down which applet).

Will also check systemd logs next time the crashes happen.

One another thing i forgot to mention: I’m on ubuntu budgie 18.04 and the frequency of this increased a lot after latest update for budgie-panel and other components. Earlier, the crashes would almost never occur, unless my laptop was left on for a week or two without rebooting. Now the frequency is down to couple of days. Let’s see where the terminal messages lead us.

PS: Another kinda related issue is that the panel applets seems to get out of order in which they appear automatically somehow. Probably should make a separate topic for this?

The panel order issue is because you have uninstalled one or more of the dropby, quicknote or showtime applets.

You need to have those installed… but you don’t need then on the panel.

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I do have those installed:

Is there anything else that could cause this?

Another thing I noticed is that the restart commands output gets appended to nohup.out.
Can contents of that help?
(I have removed some unrelated info about outputs of some commands I happen to have run in the same terminal) nohup (copy).out.txt (798.4 KB)

There seems to be quite a few dropby issues - think I have fixed that. That fix will appear in our budgie-extras-daily PPA in a few hours time.

I do see quite a few ** (budgie-panel:11268): CRITICAL **: 23:10:37.386: DisplayWidget.vala:161: Unknown network state, cannot show the good icon: NETWORK_STATE_FAILED_WIRED and lots of network issues in general - I you having any network connection issues in general? looks like you are connecting wired - or network-manager is trying to fall back to wired connections but failing.

You are running some sort of Qt based app - seeing lots of “QIODevice::read (QDisabledNetworkReply): device not open” which looks to be network issues as well.

There seems to be lots and lots of global menu warnings due to various apps.

Have you recently added any new applets to the panel? Wondering if something new that is constantly running frequently is causing the panel to crash occasionally.

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I’ll try the PPA you’ve mentioned (tommorow mostly, quite late here)

I do use wired network at times (usb tethering specifically). The QT app must be kdeconnect I believe and I have started using kdeconnect lately. It shows an icon in the appindicator applet.

Also I happen to have witnessed a crash just right now and the terminal just shows a seg fault.

What is the budgie-extras-daily ppa?
Has the Global menu applet been updated to 0.7.2? Current is 0.7.1 and has a few bugs that supposedly have been fixed in the update.

Global menu is a third party applet available in the universe repo. If you have bugs then please file a bug report on launchpad.

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Update: Crash got reproduced today and from backtrace I think it is because of the budgie-appmenu-applet

Also seems I am on an outdated version. Will try filing a bug on launchpad/ try a newer version.

Thanks for all the help in finding out the root cause for this this!