Can the clock be analog, instead of digital?

Can the clock be analog, instead of digital?

Are you referring to the desktop showtime applet?
No. It’s a digital display. It would require an enhancement to display in an analogue manner. Probably reusing the same or similar code as the clock works applet

No plans for such an enhancement ourselves… but a pull request will be considered.

Why I asked, because, when you place the panel as dock vertically, the icons don’t get larger, when I change the size, only the dock itself. I don’t mind deleting the clock applet, if the rest of the icons would get larger.

I don’t have the desktop showtime applet. You can see nothing is on the desktop here.

So you are talking about the panel clock. No that will require a change to the code upstream.

The icons issue is known upstream. It doesn’t behave like plank. It is pretty much fixed in size.

Here is the screeny,


I don’t have the desktop clock. It is 19.04 with the Active Desktop.