Clock and Calendar applets, if seconds enabled, constantly « move »


22.04 Jammy, here. Detail but eye catching, in the wrong way.

If seconds are enabled in clock applet in a panel, depending on the width of second numbers, it constantly « moves » all applets on the left…


You can see the little offset far left, just imagine it almost each second :wink:

And it does not take account of space characters I may place before or after the string - which is %a %e %b %T s%V here ( hence the use of spacers. )

Same with Calendar applet, but at least this one « accepts » space characters.

Seems those applets don’t have a fixed width or dynamic padding or centered content, sort of ?

Those « moves » do not occur in 20.04 ( wrong, see below. )

Aaah, wrong me, it’s the same in 20.04 : it mostly depends of the font in use.

Something like Ubuntu Condensed Regular does not « move ».

I don’t delete since it may be an area of improvement, for later.