Cannot switch "Connectivity Checking" to "on" 20.04

Cannot switch “Connectivity Checking” to “on” in 20.04; needed for public wifi hotspots.
See screenshot

If the wifi hotspots are the ones that require a web-page to authenticate then you are out of luck - there is no capabilities to-do this.

Note - I know some people have managed to connect to public wifi hotspots - but they need to know the hotspot router IP address if the hotspot does not support web-page redirect

e.g. point your browser to or

it was more the fact i cannot switch the “connectivity checking” to “on”; the button/slider seems permanently “off” - is this being fixed? Many thanks

Suggest run gnome-control-center from a terminal. Any warnings or errors reported when using that option?

If nothing then please report the issue via

ubuntu-bug gnome-control-center