Wi-Fi power bug


First of all, I’ve been really enjoying your work.

On to the bug:
The button to enable/disable automatic Wi-Fi disabling to save power just turns Wi-Fi on and off immediately.

Hi and welcome.

Can you please take a picture of the button you are referring to and post that here. Cheers.

That button doesnt turn on or off automatic wifi connection. The text of the caption makes it very clear that it turns on/off wifi to save power.

I understand the button’s purpose. But the fact remains that it just immediately turns on or off the Wi-Fi. It acts like a Wi-Fi on/off switch.

It shouldn’t even turn off my connection because I’m using a desktop, and no system in the world turns wi-fi on or off in a desktop. Power saving measures this small only make sense in a mobile platform.

What even makes less sense is the fact that it turned off the wi-fi whilst I was using it. It should really detect if the user hasn’t used the wi-fi for the last x minutes.

Well it does say that it turns off the wifi.

Think you really after the “Connect Automatically” option in Settings - Wifi

If you want an additional feature in this area then you’ll need to raise this with GNOME themselves.

But the actual Wi-Fi on/off switch is on the Wi-Fi tab. Look at the picture you posted, on the top bar. (Which I also believe is not the best place. Maybe on top of “Airplane mode” with the same style.)

This button is not supposed to act as a Wi-Fi on/off switch. It is supposed to be a “smart” mechanism that detects whether the wi-fi isn’t being used and shuts it down if so.

As it stands, I believe this switch is either useless, broken or both. It acts as a confusing redundancy to the already existing and correctly placed Wi-Fi switch on the “Wi-Fi” tab.

When I mean turning the Wi-Fi on/off, I mean the actual device, not a specific connection. So no, that is not what I was after.

Suggest raise it with GNOME - this isn’t something we can deal with ourselves.

I understand what you mean. Thank you and sorry for taking your time. I will post this to the GNOME support.