[ Request ] Proper airplane mode

This isn’t a budgie specific setting I believe. This is a suggestion about how airplane mode works in ubuntu budgie(possibly also other flavours). The airplane mode option is available in the wifi settings when wifi is turned on.Issue 1) This, I think is a wrong place for it. 2) It functions a bit weirdly check these screenshots:

[Normal wifi on]


[Airplane mode turned on. Disables wifi bluetooth etc. Yet available in wifi menu. Secondly, the whole wifi menu blanks out after airplane mode is turned on]


[Issue 2)Airplane mode turned off means all networks are turned on! Bluetooth and all even though they were off before turning on airplane mode]


By usual means, airplane mode is supposed to save old state of different networks and restore them when turned off. (This is how it works in android and even windows if I remember right)

Those screenshots are of gnome-control-center and are not budgie specific. Requests for gnome capabilities should be raised on the gnome issue tracker

Thanks for the link. I’ll request there!