Network options at TopPanel

Hello guys, I’m new using Ubuntu Budgie (20.04) and I’m loving this. Great job, congratulations!

I’m using the top panel network options to control Wifi and VPN access and I noticed 2 problems.

1 - When I turn off the WiFi from the panel I cannot turn on again. I need to go to settings and turn on from there.

2 - I’ve 2 VPNs configured and when I have one already activated and will active another one to use simultaneously the status on the top panel stop show my previous VPN as activated and show that just have 1 turned on the new one. The new one stays with a loading icon on the side too. If I open settings I can see that both are activated.

To turn off one of my VPNs I need to turn off all VPNs and turn on the one I wanted.

Hi there,

Re 1. 'fraid I cannot reproduce this. Works here.

Re 2. I don’t have access to VPN’s so cannot help you resolve this.

The source-code is here - so if anyone is interested in digging in - please do so.