Confusing options - turn off Wi-Fi/Bluetooth to save power

I’m confused by this setting:


So when this option is on (as it is in the screenshot), the Wi-Fi should be turned off in order to save power… when there hasn’t been network traffic for a while, I guess? Or in some other circumstances?

I’m on a Lenovo X1C and after resuming from standby, there’s major packet loss. I thought that might be due to aggressive power management, so I wanted to turn off that option. But after I clicked that toggle, Wi-Fi was disabled completely. So can that option be rephrased to clarify what it does? Or can it be removed altogether if it simply turns Wi-Fi on and off? There’s already a toggle for that in the Wi-Fi Settings:


It’s the same setting. Airplane mode.

In the future the Settings app which is in fact part of GNOME Shell will be dropped. All relevant settings will be combined into budgie-settings

When that point is reached we can propose changes like you suggest.

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