Can't connect to company wifi


I love UbuntuBugies! I am a consultant and I am regularly working at my customers sites. Unfortunately I can’t manage to connect to companies wifi since I moved to Budgie 18.04LTS.

Before I was working with the native Ubuntu 18.04LTS which presented me with a login/password screen to get (internet) access on protected companies’ wifi after having connected to their wifi network.
I don’t get the same behavior on UnbuntuBudgie.

Is there a solution? I would rather not leave Budgie :wink:

Sounds like the company is using a hotspot type logon

If the company network guys have configured things correctly then you should just need to open your web browser and it should recognise the network proxy and offer a webpage to login with.

Thanks for your input fossfreedom.
The behavior you’re mentioning was working fine with the native ubuntu 18.04LTS. Since I moved to Ubuntu Budgie 18.04LTS I connect to the wifi, but then I don’t get the login webpage anymore. :frowning:

That’s all ubuntu itself is doing. Its opening window that is a webpage.

Sorry I am not really familiar with different company hotspot stuff. Best chat with the company network guys. It could be as simple as changing the network connection type in your browser connection settings.

I’ll check that. Thanks.

Does this help to find the login page?

@fossfreedom I’ll check next time I’ll go to my customer. It will be in a couple of days. Keep you posted.
Thanks for your help so far :slight_smile: