Change showtime applet name back to Desktop time and date

Not very hard from a coding perspective and personally the old name was much more intuitive. Judging by my own experience (it took me a while to find this applet so I could add it to my layout) and some on stack overflow, calling it Desktop time and date makes it much easier to tell what it actually is.

Schermafdruk van 2020-05-04 07-43-45

Hi HackintoshwithUbuntu,

Showtime has always been named Showtime.

Applets have a title and a description. In the “Add applet” window, you see both, and exactly “Desktop time & date” shows as description. Since by default, Showtime is on the panel, you won’t notice the description.

Many applets do have kind of a word-play name, like Kangaroo, Dropby etc., On one hand a -say-what-it-does- name would have advantages, but imo “Showtime” isn’t that cryptic, and hard to find in the limited number of default applets.

Good point, looking at some of the other names showtime isn’t that bad. Maybe a whole makeover of the names would be more appropriate, should such a path be taken.

Names… are a thing. Changing names of already existing items is another thing. And trying to create names that speak for everyone and eventually in any language is yet another thing.

I don’t see both. If I did I wouldn’t have taken me so long to find it one time. I only see ShowTime. Nothing below it. Thanks.

I think it used to be called desktop time and date, judging by this screenshot

From this link:

I don’t have 18.04 on any of my boxes anymore, so can’t check, but:

Possibly (I seem to remember that) Budgie Settings showed description in the list in 18.04, instead of name. That would have caused the confusion.

What I do know is that I named it ShowTime, even when it was still in Python, and this is from the Plugin from 18.04 branch:

Description=Desktop time & date
Authors=Jacob Vlijm
Copyright=© 2017-2018 Ubuntu Budgie Developers