Change the close, minimize and maximize buttons of a theme

Hi, I would like to combine the appearances of two themes, like using the close, minimize and maximize buttons from the Mac-Sierra theme with a Vimix-Laptop theme.

To see if my approach would produce any result, I have copied the entire “Windows-Assets” folder (“gtk3.0 > assets_sierra”, with icons like “titlebutton-close-active@2.png”) into the folder “Vimix-Laptop > gtk3.0” and renamed it to “windows-assets”.

Yet, changing the theme forth and back to Vimix-Laptop does not change the icons of the title bar.

The icons in Metacity folder also do not match those shown in the titlebar of the current theme.

What would be the correct approach?

You’d probably have to re-build your theme afterwards.

See readme files in each of them for instructions.

My assumption : you modify assets, then build anew withe these modified ones. Do that from within a copy of the original theme folder, and rename the output to differentiate.

Are you talking about these :

…I can’t see much difference about buttons ?

Have also an eye onto their requirements ( Murrine, Pixbuf and Pixmap engines ).

Hi, thanks for your reply to my post. The two themes I was referring to are the Ultimate-Maia-Grey theme (available here that I want to combine with the buttons from the and the Arc-Flatabulous theme (available here

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