Clickable notifications

Hello all,

Are there any plans to have notifications on the notification list that keep the links that the origin notification has so that we can follow those links after receiving the first notification?


This is an area awaiting someone inspirational to step up and implement

Well, this “someone inspirational” mentioned isn’t me , but…

I have been playing around with this, and it does seem like it is not too hard to make the notifications in Raven side menu clickable. There are limitations that may need more significant code changes to fix. Mostly that clicking the notification can only open the app that sent it. For example, clicking a notification from Firefox will open Firefox, but will NOT open to the webpage that sent the notification. Or clicking the notification when software finishes installing will open gnome-software, instead of the opening program that was just installed.

But clicking a geary or thunderbird notification will open those correct apps.

Anyways, if there anyone has been thinking of looking at this, I am more than happy to post my changes and share what I did. I am not claiming these changes are polished or PR-ready, but maybe this will be useful, or a good starting point for someone with maybe a little more experience, who was considering trying this out.

Feel free to post. Happy to look and tidy if need be

I posted them here:

I only made changes to notifications_group.vala and notifications_view.vala.

My feelings are hard to hurt, so if this has significant issues that makes it unusable, I’m not going to be offended.

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