Raven Issue (unread notifications)

I am getting an issue where my memory consumption trebles, the mouse slows to a crawl and the raven menu no longer functions along with the bell icon on the top bar.
This appears to be caused by the amount of unread notifications thar Raven has stored, I did at one point get the Raven sidebar to open & saw 6300 unread notifications (could not clear these as Raven was not responding). The past few times this has hapend I have rebooted thinking some thing else was causing the issue, but this time I logged out and logged back in which set the notification count to 0 and fixed the problems, any ideas ?
to reproduce this just let notifications stack up to maybe 6000+ unread.
in my case I don’t use Raven so a fix for me would be disabling Raven (is this possible) as I don’t use it

Is there a specific app that is excessively producing notifications? Most apps you can turn off notifications and/or do that from budgie-control-settings application notifications

No you cant turn off raven.

What i think you are after is a permanent “dont ever notify or record a notification” option

Alternatively/additionally maybe an option where there is a maximum number of notifications before they are cycled to save just the most recent.

Please raise those ideas upstream separately GitHub - BuddiesOfBudgie/budgie-desktop: Budgie Desktop is a familiar, modern desktop environment.

mostly Thunderbird & discord

I guess this means I just need to change some version that does not use Raven … that may be the best option rather than bothering coders with trivial matters

@JimTR On the contrary, it is not a trivial matter. We’re more than happy to discuss, and it is a good thing you brought this up.

for now I have removed the Raven trigger from the top menu to see if this makes any odds (I doubt it will) as Raven will just be counting the notifications any how.
I leave the computer switched on 24-7 and can receive 1000+ notifications a day … so I’ll be back in a week with the results

The notifications will still pile up until panel restart or restart. We’re working together with the Buddies of Budgie team to fix the issue though.

For the moment you’ll need to

  1. stop the notifications via the app you are using (preferably action) - or
  2. use budgie-control-center - notifications and turn off the notifications for the app (if possible) or
  3. open raven a couple of times a day and just click the clear notifications button

@JimTR Just to keep you posted: your post lead to two pull requests:

This one is already merged (now keeping the last 25 notifications per application):

This one seems a matter of hours or a day:

It will be fixed in Ubuntu Budgie 23.04/Budgie Desktop 10.7.1

Thanks once again for bringing it up! Not trivial at all :slight_smile:

excellent work Jacob.

These couple of fixes should also be considered as a backport for Jammy & Kinetic.

I use LTS only so I’ll get it next year perhaps ? but I am getting used to clicking the ‘bell’ and deleting, I was away over the weekend when I got back 4000 discord messages … and for some reason a logout didn’t help it was a reboot. but it looks like the PR’s will fix it