Google Event Notification - not persisting

Hi there,

I’m experimenting with 21.10 - I’d like to make sure emails, contacts and the calendar are working as needed before I switch over to Budgie. I’m using (if it makes any difference) Geary for emails.

I’ve found; if a Google event is set with a reminder, the notification icon changes to red and a notification is briefly displayed. However, even though I don’t cancel the notification, if the system is then rebooted, all evidence of the notification has been removed. Looking in the Raven side panel, there’s no notification.

Is this expected behaviour, or is there a setting I can change? Ideally, I’d like notifications to persist until I cancel them, so know they have to be dealt with.

Many thanks,

Yeah. It’s unfortunately expected.

That’s a real shame - is this down to Gnome or Budgie’s Raven notification panel.


My understanding is that it is stored in raven but not written to a file … so it is session dependent.

I suppose the thought is that many people don’t logout or shutdown … simply suspend/lock their screen.

It shouldn’t be that hard to add an option to make it persistent … that will need a tweak to the budgie desktop code. Might be an interesting and quick project for anyone to run with.