Notification issues

I am having issues getting icons and photos showing up in the budgie notifications. Any help would be much appreciated. The problematic notifications are coming from chrome.



Hi there, this is a known issue.

@fossfreedom I was looking up stream, but has there been an actual bug report for this? I didn’t find the link.

Thank you, I was curious and could not find much info on it.

I don’t think this is an upstream issue.

I think this is an iconset issue. I don’t know what that icon name is in the notification. If someone figures it out then please let us know and we can add it to pocillo.

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I’ll open an issue on GH to track the bug.

May be something like this can be used to find out what the icon name is for these notifications

( duplicate Raven menu icons )

Any updates on this? There was mention of a bug to track?

Related, but probably separate to this, I can’t even click the notification and have it take me to the correct tab. Not a very useful notification system as it currently stands.

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As far as I can see no one has investigated what icon is being sent by these web based notifications hence no fix.

Similarly since no one has looked into this area to understand where the notification has come from and hence how to respond when clicking the notification.

For anyone that has the same issue as a workaround you can set Chrome to not use the native desktop notifications which, for Ubuntu Budgie are borked.

Go to chrome://flags/#enable-native-notifications and set this to be disabled. Restart and you’ll have your notifications working again. The down side is that they won’t appear in Raven or look like the other desktop notifications. For me, this is an acceptable workaround for now.


Is there a status on this? Ideally the notifications should be pulling the icon from the same place that Chrome does for it’s own notifications.

No one has come forward with a solution.

I’m not a developer so I have no idea where to start. My solution is just we use the same icon that Chrome does. How can we figure that out?

Need some way to monitor what the message is being sent from chrome to the operating system.

So maybe there is something in chrome to help here.

lol I came here looking for answers and I came across the devs are as confused as I :'v

It seems related to chromium and chrome. snap or deb looks to act the same.

Does it happen with other chromium based web-browser ( vivaldi, opera, brave ) ?

yes, I use vivaldi wich is chromium based.

I don’t think so, or not only.

On music streaming site ( ie. deezer ) notifications hold title/artists/album text + image for cover-art, not an icon.

The only way to resolve this is to put some debugging code into budgie desktop to print out icon names for notifications and then get chromium, deezer or whatever to produce notifications.

we can make a placeholder patch, in order that in the notification, a daemon looks up the url domain and display the logo of that domain. ie; a facebook notification displaying the facebook logo.

and talk with solus devs and other DE devs to see if they can point us to the part of the code that handles the issue.

Im using papirus, so Im extremely sure is not an iconset issue, im not a dev, but when I say “we” is a way to include myself as part of the community :v even thought I just changed to this distro two days ago :U