Close, minimize and Maximize icons somehow got deleted. How can I recover them?

Hi Guys,
I deleted some icons folders inside /usr/share/icons.
And then this happened. How can I make this normal.
I am using Sweet theme right now.


It would be useful to know what folders you have deleted. It’s easier then to find out which package to reinstall.

At a minimum you can reinstall the base hicolor package that all themes ultimately fall back to.

sudo apt install --reinstall hicolor-icon-theme


Thanks for the reply.
I installed Sweet-Dark theme, candy-icons and XCursor from gnome looks.
And then deleted a bunch of themes, icons and cursors before it the sweet-dark and candy-icon combination broke.

Here are the packages I have now in themes and icons:

The problem is I don’t remember what I deleted.
I hope

And here are the icons installed.

This folder is intended for system-wide installation, for all users.
It’s the expected place for default and unaltered installation.
There you should not modify anything.

When you add themes or icons, it’s probably wiser to do it only on your user’s side into
What’s installed in those folders will be used by your user only - instead of what’s installed into the equivalent system folders.
In those ~/.local/share/… folders, you can modify things to your needs, as user ( no sudo needed ).

I’m personally not convinced by the use of ~/.local/share/themes (or icons). Whenever you launch an app as the super user; your theme is then broken because it doesn’t exist in /usr/share/. It can be a way to differentiate the user, sure. But I usually know when I’m using an app as the superuser.

Of course, there is a risk in using it as shown by this topic, which is why you have to be careful. With that in mind, you can absolutely use /usr/share if you prefer total consistency.

Now, what probably happens here is that you don’t have the fallback theme(s) your icon theme falls back to (when it lacks a specific icon) installed. It should be written somewhere in the main CSS file of your theme what it is or they are under


So it should just be a matter of reinstalling that fallback theme to recover your icons, as explained by @fossfreedom, but it might be more than just hicolor.

Another potential cause, it seems you’re using Pixel Saver applet, this might have to do with its parameters.

You’re right. But I did not say « don’t use /usr/share/… for installing » :slightly_smiling_face: I said more or less « don’t modify what’s installed inside /usr/share/… ».

I was not clear enough : use /usr/share/{themes,icons} for the global installation which will stay there unaltered, clean, for all users.

If you need to modify something inside your {themes,icons} then do put your own altered version of {themes,icons} into ~/.local/share/{themes,icons}

Same method regarding modified desktop launchers : never modify a desktop launcher inside /usr/share/applications but do place your modified desktop launchers inside ~/.local/share/applications

/usr/share/… is an expected default place by system wide installation ( and related updates management ) so keep things there untouched and clean for system predictability and stability.

What’s placed user’s side inside ~/.local/share/something will replace what comes from system’s side /usr/share/something in this user’s session only. If you are unhappy with with your modifications, just delete them from ~/.local/share/… and you’ll find again the « regular » situation coming from /usr/share/…

Sorry for my lack of english vocabulary : how do we say « prendre le pas, prendre la priorité » ?