.deb packages open via zip file manager by default

There is no such thing as gnome-fileroller https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=gnome-fileroller&searchon=names&suite=all&section=all

Here you are https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/file-roller/+bug/1889317

( Guys, the idea is to mark yourself as affected on the report )

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You can just:

  • go to the deb file, right-click it and select properties
  • go to the open with tab
  • select software install in the list and press the set as default button.

Now it will always use that application on double-click, etc.

This is a drive-by post before my next meeting. Sorry if it is duplicated or I am missing something detailed above.

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So duplicate / already reported.

Answer is it’s either :

  • fixed in desktop-file-utils
  • or to be fixed Budgie’s side.

Right. So the effort here is to “borrow” a file from Ubuntu and modify for Ubuntu Budgie.

This is the idea.

cp /usr/share/applications/defaults.list ~/
gedit ~/defaults.list

global replace the .desktop entry for ubuntu-software for gnome-software-local-file.desktop

Then copy:

sudo cp ~/defaults.list /usr/share/budgie-desktop/applications

logout and login

Looking at defaults.list there are a few apps we don’t ship with (totem, eog, nautilus, evolution, thunderbird, shotwell) that needs replacing with the associated apps .desktop file (/usr/share/applications)

So all of this needs to be done - carefully tested … and then we can think about shipping a stable release update to 20.04

I fail to see how that would have to do with a bug of file-roller.

It seems to me as just a wrong file-extension-to-app association. This has to be defined by default at OS level, isn’t it? Otherwise it would also be a debian problem (if it is, let me just shut up).

I would also advice gdebi over the software installer to install .deb files. At least for advanced users.
It’s lighter for a simple package (including a couple of dependencies). And a better complement to Synaptic. I’ve never used the software installer as it is a bit light-featured yet bloated for my usage.

Aha because this would only change it for the current logged in user, right?

quite correct.

The method I out-lined above (defaults.list) resolves this properly for all users.

File-roller devs have decided they want to “service” .deb files. In the real world we don’t want this. So its a question of how to “override” what the devs want - so the method about defaults.list is the method we should use control how we as a distro want to handle files

Allright I will test. Noticed it’s snap-store_ubuntu-software-local-file.desktop that probably needs to be changed to gnome-software-local-file.desktop

To replace all other stuff that is assigned to non-Budgie apps, where can I find the list of application names?
For example org.gnome.Totem.desktop should be replace by something.celluloid.desktop

well, yes- just to be clear while the mimeapps list is user specific, it is persistent (not session specific)

using the menu - drag the app icon to your desktop

Then open a terminal:

cd ~/Desktop
ls *.desktop

This will show the full desktop file name for the icon

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Here you go, copied /usr/share/applications/defaults.list and made the changes in 1 go.

The changes I made, as shown in GitHub diff:
snap-store_ubuntu-software-local-file.desktop > gnome-software-local-file.desktop
org.gnome.Totem.desktop > io.github.celluloid_player.Celluloid.desktop
org.gnome.eog.desktop > org.gnome.gThumb.desktop
shotwell.desktop > org.gnome.gThumb.desktop
gimp.desktop > org.gnome.gThumb.desktop
banshee-audiocd.desktop > rhythmbox-device.desktop
org.gnome.Nautilus.desktop > nemo.desktop
thunderbird.desktop > org.gnome.Geary.desktop

Note: I skipped Evolution as I thought that specific entry is some sort of PIM, not sure if it should be Geary (or just removed if there is no app for it in Budgie).

I will probably create one for myself to have Pluma instead of Gedit, Audacious instead of Rythmbox (lacks folder view).

Many thanks.

We’ll add this into 20.10 for its release. Then after a couple of months of good testing by everyone via the release in October we’ll do a SRU for 20.04 around december time ready for the 20.04.2 release.

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This has now been uploaded to 20.10 and will be on todays daily iso Testing 20.10 - only for the most adventurous

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Notice JPGs open in Drawing by default, this is quite annoying!
I didn’t even realize it was a different program, just thought gThumb looked weird and kinda useless.

For example: open a photo, you will start with an extremely zoomed in view of a portion of your photo. And there is nothing obvious you can do to see your full photo.

I have to say Budgie 20.04 is quite disappointing from a new user perspective, as software files don’t open as a regular person would expect and the same goes for photos. There isn’t even a way to look at your photos normally, as a new user doesn’t know about the existence of gThumb.
It’s not a massive bug as we have already figured out the solution, but it makes it quite annoying to use for basic users. Just wanted to point that out.
I was recommending Budgie everywhere but I think ppl are better off waiting till October for 20.10.

This behavior seems correct to me, @zilexa

surely simple enough to open with a preferred application or change personal defaults as an individual, pretty sure this applies to all operating systems… :wink:

I don’t think you understand.

When someone double clicks on a JPEG, he or she expects to see the photo. This is impossible with Budgie 20.04. but IS possible with Budgie 19.04 and 19.10.

Nothing correct about that. Try any other Ubuntu flavour and you can see a photo when you double click on it. Which is the expected behaviour.

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This is what happens in UB 20.04 when I double click a JPEG file. On any consumer OS, the photo would be shown. I see some vague canvas, can’t even be sure it’s part of my photo. And there is nothing I can do here in this program, nothing obvious anyway, to show my photo. I have to know, I need to associate JPEG to a different program. But then I also have to know an alternative program exists.

I totally agree with @zilexa here about jpg / photos : Drawing is not at all a good default previewer !
That’s not the purpose of Drawing, anyway.

The lack of zoom or auto-scaled view in that app makes it impossible to use for photos or anything bigger than a screen-size ( regarding pixel size ).

What you show here in your Drawing screenshot @zilexa is a detail, a part of your photo, which might be about 4000×6000 pixels, right ?


Let me reiterate. This is a bug. It will be fixed in due course in 20.04 once we have confirmation that the changes haven’t caused further regressions.

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Talking about what here ? The default list of app’s or the fact that Drawing is not the best choice for opening jpg by default ?

Regarding Drawing :