Default applications review for 22.10 / 23.04 and beyond

thats irrelevant - those are not in the archive.

That’s not irrelevant : an effort already exists to provide predictable app’s in GTK, why not use / share it ?

…wondering if it’s also Mate’s approach in that matter ?

I made it very clear my view on this - this is extremely important - and without volunteers any “what about this” is very irrelevant.

An effort already exists on that matter to avoid wasting your time…

Budgie’s not alone with this « problematic » I guess Mate and Xfce are concerned too. And Mint.

file-roller i.e. the GNOME Archive Manager is a Gtk3 libhandy app.

It is autoinstalled for Nemo - Nemo has a recommendation for nemo-file-roller which is its file-roller integration i.e. on a right click you can compress a file etc.

Looking upstream there doesn’t seem to be any current move to Gtk4 / libadwaita.

The Mate equivalent is called engrampa and basically does the same thing.

Given that there doesn’t seem to be a roadmap for file-roller and due to the nemo dependencies think we should just leave this be for the moment and just monitor future stuff.

If anyone is interested - I’ve created a nemo-engrampa extension if they which to use engrampa rather than file-roller - Add engrampa support - closes #356 by fossfreedom · Pull Request #451 · linuxmint/nemo-extensions · GitHub

Deja-Dup is our backup tool - it is well maintained by GNOME. The next version is libadwaita though.

There seems to be a real lack of choices in the repo - need something that covers both adhoc and scheduled backups - to both local and cloud providers.

… and TimeShift is not a backup tool for local stuff.

This is one area we need to carefully consider - for the moment this is one libadwaita app that we may carry forward.

I’d forgotten this tool until I started looking around . It may be way off the mark though.

I had a quick look at that. It is broken in 22.04 … easy enough to patch though. Needs a bug report on launchpad.

It isnt a simple interface as deja-dup and could be confusing for some.

It isnt obvious also how to backup to cloud providers like you can with deja-dup

There was a reason it fell out of favor, but i don’t remember all the details.

You’re right to present it as a system backup as first purpose though it’s also possible to backup $HOME through TimeShift. The choice to backup all $HOME content or only the visible data - excluding the hidden ones - is a very careful and interesting ability.

This is kind of an easy decision.

GNOME Screenshot manages capturing screen-scrapes. However GNOME have replaced gnome-screenshot with their own inbuilt mechanism - so I would expect GNOME to place the app into read-only archive mode i.e. mothball it soonish.

Team member Jacob and myself have created budgie-screenshot which is part of budgie-desktop itself and has been submitted upstream. This will replace GNOME Screenshot in budgie-desktop 10.7 i.e. GNOME Screenshot will be dropped as a default app install.

I’m confused… All these mentioned applications are already (22.04) breaking my theme. They are all dark, it can’t be changed, changing the theme has no effect. I do not use dark themes at all. I don’t like these dark themed apps, so I’m already looking for alternatives. Using the flatpak version is solving the problem for the moment, but that can’t be a permanent solution.

Regarding the Mate apps: Client side decorations are missing, this also destroys the system wide theming. It looks cluttered, not professional. Especially the Mate System Monitor looks very ugly. In my opinion, of course…

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Text editors are very personal things and people are passionate with their choice.

We have shipped with gedit since the budgie remix days.

Development upstream has virtually ground to a halt. GNOME in 22.10 will be replacing gedit with a new libadwaita based app.

Some may claim the old pluma text editor is the natural replacement. Forked from gnome years ago it is part of the mate desktop. Development though is on the same pace of gedit…

Geany is another editor and is currently actively maintained after recently achieving a gtk3 port.

So this is not going to be a easy decision… more discussion is needed.

GNOME Font Viewer is a simple app to display the fonts installed on your system.

It however has a habit of crashing - especially for the first few times of usage.

font-manager is a new GTK app that is quick and allows you to manage your fonts.

It is undergoing a rewrite to GTK4 but with an unknown timescale. We have asked a question about libadwaita. There are a few issues outstanding but seems to be robust.

For the moment we should consider changing to font-manager

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how about Kate ?

have a read of

Kate falls under the KDE application suite … which pulls in the huge KDE libraries which will make our ISO huge. So no.

I was thinking of kwrite … hence the link which is smaller

xfce4-taskmanager looks really nice - and integrates well with budgie.

The only real issue I have with this is that it just deals with processes. System Monitor gives more info network / file systems etc etc. As an aside we have shipped Disk Usage aka baobab for file system stuff but that it going libadwaita.

Cheese has an initiative to port to GTk4 and possibly libadwaita. Progress on this appears to be slow.

Are there any other apps? @GrindamN has pointed out using guvcview which looks and feels more feature filled without complicating things. Would have been nice an option to integrate the video window within the settings part.

guvcview is from a project on sourceforge - its ticking along nicely with bug fixes on a regular basis - no major updates for a number of years though.

Think guvcview is a strong candidate to replace cheese unless anyone else has done an indepth analysis for another candidate.