Delay for startup apps

I thought sleep 60; will do but here they don’t start at all if you put this in front of the command. like sleep 60;/usr/bin/slack %U
Is there another way to achieve the delay?

From a .desktop file in startup items (~/.config/autostart)?
/bin/bash -c "sleep 60 && <whatever_you_want_to_run>"

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wait, you suggest I put
/bin/bash -c "sleep 60 && slack.desktop" into the start up command box?

Nono, the command in the box would be something like:

/bin/bash -c "sleep 60 && /usr/bin/slack"

That would result in a .desktop file in ~/.config/autostart, containg a.o. a line:

Exec=/bin/bash -c "sleep 60 && /usr/bin/slack"
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